Biological Clock Slideshow @ A Taste of Transformation

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Title: Biological Clock Slideshow @ A Taste of Transformation
Location: The OFFcenter; 848 Divisadero, SF
Link out: Click here
Description: Femina Potens invites you to a decadent evening of food, wine, visual & performative art works. A night of wine and food pairings inspired by accompanying performances and visual art from our 2011/2012 season of exhibitions. Our select group of artists works present transformative life-changing moments in our queer lives.
Date: 2012-06-07



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Location: OFFcenter, 848 Divisadero, San Francisco
Link out: Click here
Description: Join our panel of feminists, queer artists, activists, counter-culture renegades and performance artists for a night of interactive performance art, film screenings, and artist discussion on the Intersections of LGBT Performance Art & the Sexual Politics of Erotic Film. Where does conceptual performance work end and where does our libido begin? Is queer feminist erotic film inherently progressive? How do queer performance artists who are also sexual activists, decipher the difference between what is art, what is erotic, and what is pornographic? These are just some of the questions we will examine through film, art, and performance. www.feminapotens.org.

For secret location and price refer to www.feminapotens.org
BUY TICKETS! Brown Paper Tickets Link: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/237502
Date: 2012-06-06


F.E.A.S.T. Dinner Theater @ Transmodern Festival

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Title: F.E.A.S.T. Dinner Theater @ Transmodern Festival
Location: Current Gallery, 421 Howard St., Baltimore MD
Link out: Click here

Transmodern Performance Festival proudly presents
an original meal of food-based performance and performance-based food.
Food Entertaining As Specious Theatre
Curated by Rebecca Nagle
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
May 17, 18 and 19
Orderves and Cocktails at 7:30, dinner at 8
Current Gallery’s Back lot (421 N Howard St)
$20 (includes dinner, performances, and Transmodern Performance Festival admission)
cash bar
Click Here to make Reservations.
(reservations strongly encouraged)
F.E.A.S.T. is an original evening of truly unique dining and entertainment. Over an 8-coursed meal, each artist has prepared a conceptually connected performance, dish, and service to give every guest a complete sensory experience. Come to witness the birth of spring asparagus. Drink from the breasts of painted beasts. Feast at the sprawling 100-person table-stage. Find your way out of an after-dinner entrapMINT. Participate in a cake toss. Eat a dish smaller than your thumbnail and much, much more. Join the ritual! Digest the delicious! And expect the unexpected!
With performances, music, video, delectables, and table service by Emma Alves, Cricket Arrison, Tom Boram, Autumn Breaud, Abby Cocke, Theresa Columbus, Mickey Dehn, Patty Gallivan & Jess Hartman, Siyade Gemechisa, Rick Gerriets, Rachael London, Jenny Graf Shepard, Emily Hall, Peggy Hoffman & Barbara Wilgus, Josh Van Horne, Bonnie Jones, Karl Marx, Gerry Mak, Kaitlin Murphy, Edward Knapp, Noon Bloom, Small Foods Collective, Ann Rascal, Alexa Richardson, Tiffany Sea, Nicholas Toll, and Victor Torres.

Start Date: 2012-05-17
Start Time: 19:30
End Date: 2012-05-19
End Time: 22:30


‘egg’ screening @ Opium Berlin, Night of the Kinky Shorts

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Opium_Kinky_Short entwurf flyer 2
Title: ‘egg’ screening @ Opium Berlin, Night of the Kinky Shorts
Location: Darkside Club, Berlin
Link out: Click here
OPIUM-BERLIN präsentiert:

@ Darkside Club, Berlin

Fetish-Porn-Sm-Kurzfilmnacht & Play Party
Ein Abend mit ambitionierten Kurzfilmen der Genres Fetish, Porn, Sm, Sex & Kunst.

FEXA & DR DIVA (Opium-Berlin) zeigen in den legendären Gewölben des Darkside Club Kurzfilme von verschiedenen nationalen und internationalen Filmemachern.
Die Filmemacher und Darsteller werden teilweise anwesend sein.
Die Veranstaltung wird moderiert und es gibt eine kurze Einführung zu den Filmen.

Der Club öffnet an diesem Abend seine Pforten um 21.00Uhr.
Start des ersten Films 22.00 Uhr.
Die besten Filme werden vom Publikum prämiert.
Preisverleihung für den besten Film des Abends ab 0.01 Uhr Mitternacht.

Natürlich kann der Darkside Club an diesem Abend auch
wie üblich „bespielt “werden.


sub rosa dictum
mrs g.
ottokar lehrnerann
ann antidote
fexa sbilberg
sadie lune
kay garnellen
und andere…..


Opium-Berlin presents:

1st night of the kinky shorts – 12.05.2012
@ darksideclub, berlin

fetish, porn, sm, night of the shorts & play party
an evening with fetish, porn, sm sex& art short films .

FEXA & DR DIVA (opium-berlin) will present short films of national and international
film makers and artists at the legendary DARKSIDE CLUB in berlin.
some of the filmmakers and actors will be there in person at the 12.mai 2012
there will be a short indroduction to the films and late at night a price ( the kinky award )
will be given to the best film ( the audience decides )

this evening the club opens at 21.00h
start of the first film around 22.00h

we welcome everbody to watch the films and also of course to play on
that night at the darkside club

filmmakers and artists:

sub rosa dictum
mrs g.
ottokar lehrner
ann antidote
fexa sbilberg
sadie lune
kay garnellen

and others…..


Start Time: 21:00
Date: 2012-05-12


Queer Amsterdam TV series crowdfunding rap

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Some lovely young queers in Amsterdam are working hard at pitching ‘Queer Amsterdam’ a pilot tv show about queer life to Television stations in the Netherlands. You can help make it happen by donating to their crowdfunding campaign! They asked me to write them a rap, and then caffeinated me, and 2 hours later I was giving it a shot on the streets of Amsterdam.

Donate here:


Playnight Paris 3rd Birthday!

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Title: Playnight Paris 3rd Birthday!
Location: Club Next, Paris, Fr.
Link out: Click here
Description: Une fête d’anniversaire qui sera chaude et décalée dans le club NEXT de la rue St Honoré !

Kay Garnellen and I perform “Deine Mutter”
Start Time: 22:00
Date: 2012-03-23


Both Sides of the Screen

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Title: Both Sides of the Screen
Location: Mail and Female, Amsterdam NL
Link out: Click here
Description: An improvisational performance event by an erotic performer & an erotic director.
Pleasure activist, performance artist, and erotic performer Sadie Lune from San Francisco/Berlin joins local Amsterdam-based erotic film director Jennifer Lyon Bell of Blue Artichoke Films to create an improvisational performance showing how sexuality is captured on-screen.

Place: Mail & Female Store
Nieuwe Vijzelstraat 2 | corner Weteringcircuit
Date: March 21
Time: 8 – 10.30 PM
Entree: € 15,-
Start Time: 20:00
Date: 2012-03-21


Get a Lover: Expansive Love and Intentional Nonmonagamy with a lifelong jealous slut

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Title: Get a Lover: Expansive Love and Intentional Nonmonagamy with a lifelong jealous slut
Location: Cult Dealer Enzo
Link out: Click here
Description: Sadie Lune, pleasure activist, educator, kink performer, performance artist and feministe extra-ordinaire is in Utrecht for a special event! During this unique and one-time-only workshop she will share with you her experiences with free love and open relationships. From a queer perspective she will discuss the good things and the bad things. Some of the topics will be: how do you communicate with your partners about love and intimacy? Staying true to your feelings and those of your partners. Being queer and poly-amorous. Owning your sluthood, living an alternative sexuality. From her sex-positive feminist background, Sadie provides us with thoughts, ideas and tips on that crazy thing called love (and sex!)
Start Time: 16:00
Date: 2012-03-18


”My Darling” fucking the gaze through cryptoform intimate portraits, with Kay Garnellen

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Title: ”My Darling” fucking the gaze through cryptoform intimate portraits
Location: Other Nature alternativer sexladen, Mehringdamm 79 10965 Berlin
Link out: Click here
‘My Darling’
Fucking the gaze through cryptoform intimate portraits

The photo exhibit “My Darling” – Fucking the gaze through cryptoform intimate portraits – is a puzzle built out of bodies in action and in love. We invited the camera in an artistic threesome for trysts into our daily connection, which gave us a taste of each other’s ‘outside’ perspective from within our intimate space. We are reflected and refracted onto and inside of each other, just as we all are, seeing ourselves through the reflection of those we keep close.

We tangled the relationship between model and artist into a collaboration. The technical part of the project was important as the digital camera made it possible for us to have greater room for experimentation with less waste and also presented a big learning opportunity. As a result, we offer a series of layered and abstracted figurative photographic self-/portraits of the blurry wet and permeable spaces we share. Through Trompe-l’œil, artifacts and double-takes, we fray the lines in art, identity, sex and love.We present you a broken mirror of formulas about gender and sex and a handfull of intimate questions, some of the ones we ask each other. We enjoy refracting the gaze, expectations and identities, and invite you to have a look.
Start Time: 20:30
Date: 2012-03-02

VERNISSAGE MARCH 2nd from 8.30 pm, live performance at 9.30 pm

Exhibit till April 29th
lun – mar : 12:00 - 18:00
mer – sam : 12:00 - 20:00


‘egg’ screening at Strangelove Fesitval

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Title: ‘egg’ screening at Strangelove Fesitval
Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Link out: Click here
Description: Interzone presents the second edition of Strangelove – a FilmFest. In march we will be spreading our wings over the city of Antwerp and make our nest in the FroeFroe theatre. You will get to see Queer Cinema pur sang! This year Strangelove offers two themes running all the way through the festival.

With Queer Beat! we offer you a program based round the Beat Generation, which formed punk and queer culture. We Want Muscle! draws you into a sensuous realm of lust, where we have a closer look at sexuality, gender and pleasure.

Beside the big white screen there are concerts, performances, expositions and our very own and very new exciting Celluloid Closet tv-room. Welcome to this second edition of Strangelove. We hope to see you soon!

Friday March 3 after the doc.
‘A sexy, funny, romantic and dirty visual poem. An exhibitionistic exploration of a peculiar deepening fascination as well as an intimate collection of erotic moments between two lovers. Food, penetration, hungry cunts (trans and miscellaneous), expulsion, surprises, joy, orgasms and love.’

Egg is about, well, an actual egg on a jolly adventure. From battery cage to egg carton to… you’ll see. Eggs do end up in all kinds of places! This short by Kay Garnellen and Sadie Lune (Queer X Show) appeared on the Porn Film Festival in Berlin. In Queerdoc. postporn context, we’d like to illustrate Mi sexualidad es creacion artistica with Egg. A challenge for the big screen!

Start Time: 22:00
Date: 2012-03-02